The colorful villages in Malang, Indonesia

Colorful villages in malang
A travel guide to the colorful villages in Malang, Java, Indonesia

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The colorful villages in Malang

Visit the Blue village (Kampung Biru Arema)

There is a train track bridge dividing the two villages, and you can easily walk between them. The blue village in Malang is called Kampung Biru Arema, and all the houses are painted in blue. It might remind you of the blue street in Morocco, albeit smaller.

The area is covered in local shops, recycled artwork, street art and murals. We spent 45 minutes walking through the blue village.

Colorful villages in Malang

We arrived early in the morning, and there were no other visitors when we where there. The colorful villages of Malang are still a hidden gem amongst tourists, and it surprised me how few others had heard about these places.

An absolute must-visit in Malang, Java

Colorful villages in Malang

Once you enter the village, you will receive a handmade gift from the locals. They are super friendly, and please support them by buying a small thing from one of their shops 🙂

Whilst wandering around you will stumble upon unique pieces of art, paintings, viewpoints and locals eager to talk to you. The village is ultra charming, and like nothing else in Malang. It was such a highlight walking through these small cobblestoned streets.

Entrance fee: 3000 IDR per person

Colorful villages in Malang

The Rainbow Village (Jodipan)

On the other side of the train tracks you will find the rainbow village. All the houses in this village are painted in different colors, and it is oh-so beautiful! On each corner you will find street air, murals and colorful umbrellas. The arty vibe is on point, and I felt so inspired walking through these streets.

Colorful villages in Malang

The rainbow village (Jodipan) is divided in two parts, and there is a bridge connecting the two of them. You should plan to spend around 1 hour to explore the colorful village, Jodipan.

We had so much fun walking through these rainbow filled streets. You can expect friendly locals, homemade art, jaw-droppingly beautiful paintings and gorgeous views.

Entrance fee: 3000IDR per person

Colorful villages in Malang

Book a travel guide to the colorful villages in Malang

It really impressed me how beautiful the colorful villages of Malang really are. I hope you have decided to add them to your itinerary whilst in Malang. they come highly recommended 🙂

We booked a travel guide for our days in Malang, and this was one of the best decisions we made. We can highly recommend our friend, Azhar if you are looking for a guide. You may contact him via messenger here. Say hi from us 🙂

Colorful villages in Malang

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