Mekong Delta River Tour, Vietnam

Mekong Delta River Tour Vietnam
A day tour in the Mekong Delta river, exploring the Mekong waterways by longtail boat, visiting pagodas, fish and fruitfarms.

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A day in the Mekong Delta River is hardly enough, and you could easily spend days exploring it´s beautiful maze of rivers. During a Mekong Delta River Tour you will see so many beautiful things from this region. Floating markets, long tail boat rides through natural tunnels, fruit farms and hidden gems. Life here revolves around the water, and its a vital part of the economy in Vietnam. An impressive variety of fruits, flowers and livestock grow in the region. We spent a day exploring this beautiful part of the world, and we only saw a fraction of the beauty this place offers. 

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Mekong Delta River Tour

The Mekong Delta River Tour

If you don’t have the time to spend a couple of days exploring the Mekong Delta, we highly recommend you to join one of the group day tours. These Mekong Delta River tours last for about 8-10 hours, and gives you e sneak peak into the daily life around the Mekong. The locals have built a life around the water where they work, eat, earn money and go about their daily life.

Kindly note that a public day tour naturally comes with a lot of tourists. If you are looking for a more secluded and authentic experience, we highly recommend spending a couple of days exploring this region on your own 🙂

The Mekong Delta is a network of branches connecting the Himalayas, China, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia and Vietnam. Half of Vietnam´s rice and fish comes from this region. It´s a vital part of the economy and diet in this part of the world. You simply cannot miss a visit to one of their popular floating markets to witness their impressive systems and way of life.

Like so many other, we did not have time to fully explore this are. We therefore decided to join a day tour, arranged by Deluxe Group Tours.

We have always been a bit sceptical towards organized group tours. We´re not superfans of activities and attractions with a very “touristy” vibe. However, we were only 8 people in our group and we had a great time together! 😊 And our guide, Summer, was brilliant!

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Vinh Trang Pagoda, My Tho

We got picked up at our hotel around 8am in an A/C minivan, and drove for approximately 2 hours until we reached My Tho. Here we visited the Vinh Trang Pagoda, which is one of the most well-known and unique pagodas in the Delta. This was also the first stop on our Mekong Delta River Tour.

The temple was completed in 1850, but like so many other temples in Southeast Asia, it suffered heavy damage when French colonial forces battled for control in Vietnam. It has later been renovated several times, and is now open for the public. The beautiful temple is a mixture between East and West. The style is traditional Vietnamese architecture, whereas the tiles are Japanese with a hint of Renaissance-style patterns.

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Buddha statues at Vinh Trang pagoda

The Vinh Trang pagoda features three Buddha Statues. The standing Buddha, the laughing Buddha and the reclining Buddha. All of them symbolize different things. We did not know that this was included in the Mekong Delta River Tour. We would probably have skipped it if we were doing this tour on our own. However, it was a nice edition, and I understand that they want to show visitors as must as they can from this region. Personally I would have preferred spending more time on the river and its gorgeous floating markets.

The 3 different Buddha´s

The reclining Buddha represents Guatama Buddha before entering parinirvana. This is the death of someone who has attained nirvana during their lifetime, and has therefore been released from rebirth.

The laughing Buddha symbolizes good luck and happiness. This one is well-known around the world for its good fortune ☺️ It is also my all time favorite Buddha statue!

At last, you have the standing Buddha who symbolizes ultimate bliss and compassion.

Long tail boat tour

After we had spent enough time exploring the pagoda and its three Buddhas, it was time to continue our Mekong Delta River Tour. We travelled to an orchard by boat. Here we were able to enjoy some tropical fruits and listen to traditional Vietnamese music. We also visited a Honey Bee farm where we got to taste the honey. YUM!

The absolute highlight was however the long tail boat trip through the small canals in the Delta! It was great to experience the diversity of the Mekong waterways. And we explored several fish and fruit farms along the way. The scenery was also breathtakenly beautiful, and I just loved everything about it! ✨

Kindly note that there are a lot of tourist on the river. If you are only into areas completely off the beaten path, I would recommend you to avoid the group tours and explore for yourself 🙂

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