Hoi An, our favorite place in Vietnam

I fell in love with Hoi An the second we arrived with the sleeper bus. It was something about the quietness and peacefulness that just got to me. It is a delightful town to spend a few days, and the atmosphere of the old town is truly wonderful. Definitely our favorite place in Vietnam and such a highlight of our trip 🙂

In the old town you will find boutique hotels, lounge bars, travel agent and many tailor shops. Yet, you don’t have to go far to find superb motorbike, bicycle or boat trips. There are even a couple of beaches for you to enjoy. With laidback scenery, historic settings and a romatic vibe this is definitely a town worth visiting!

Hotel in Hoi An

We arrived at 5am, an hour before our original arrival time. Once we had gotten our bags we jumped on the back of two scooters who took us to our accommodation for the next two nights, Zen Villa Hoi An.

This was actually where we learned to agree on the price before using a service such as tuk tuk, taxi or scooters. They tried to rip us of big time, charging us 5 times more than usual!

As mentioned above, we stayed at Zen Villa Hoi An. This ended up being my favorite hotel in Vietnam! The service was absolutely fantastic, and Mr. Thuong went out of his way to ensure we had a wonderful stay during our time. Big thanks to him! 💕

About Hoi An: Things to do in Hoi An

Source: Booking.com

Source; Hotels.com


Source: Booking.com


Source; Booking.com

If you find yourself in Hoi An I can highly recommend this property ☺️ It is truly a wonderful place to stay!

Our day started with borrowing two super charming bicycles and venturing down to the old quarter looking for lunch. Once we had charged our batteries with yummy food, the shopping maraton started. I think we bought all of the Christmas gifts needed in Hoi An (and yes, there is a post office so that you may ship everything home).

Favorite place in Vietnam


Favorite place in Vietnam

Favorite place in Vietnam

Favorite place in Vietnam

Isn’t it quite obvious why Hoi An was our favorite place in Vietnam? 🙂

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