Southeast Asia

Travel Guides for Cambodia

This majestic kingdom casts a spell on every visitor. Cambodia is the place where modern and ancient worlds collide, creating an authentic and magic adventure.


The northern parts of Cambodia is wild and mountainous landscapes and is the home to Cambodia´s ethnic minorities. There is also a bundle of natural attractions and wildlife in this region. In the countryside you can experience the rural life with dazzling rice paddies and sugar palms surrounding you. The mighty Mekong River runs through the country, and tons of fun, beautiful and memorable trips is on offer. And let’s not forget about the South Coast, with its tropical islands dotted with fishing villages.



A Kingdom of Temples


During the Angkorian period, the mighty Khmer empire ruled much of what is now Thailand, Vietnam and Laos. The remains of this empire can be seen at the temples of Angkor. This is a source for inspiration and national pride as the Khmers struggle to rebuild their lives after all the years with trauma and terror. No traveler in the region can miss the temples beauty, and Angkor is one of the world’s foremost ancient sites.


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