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A country of staggering natural beauty, rich history and amazing local cuisine 

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Vietnam is a fantastic mix of incredible nature, natural wonders, insane street food and wonderful people. Get mesmerized by rising limestone karsts, or have your tastebuds go crazy whilst roaming through every local delicacy. Each city and town offers something unique, and you will surely fall in love with all of it. Vietnam has something for everyone, and unforgettable experiences are everywhere!

History and culture

The culture in Vietnam is complex, and a trip here is a story lesson in itself. Ancient temples displaying the Chinese influences in one part of the country, and Hindu origins in the other. Grand state building and boulevards clearly shows marks from the French colonial period, and the cities skylines marks the asian superpower. Museums, tributes and the architecture provides such an insight to Vietnam´s war-torn past. 

The countryside

Travel through rice fields, coffee plantations, small villages and ancient grounds. Vietnam is vibrant and impressive in every single way, and its countryside is truly awe-inspiring and a vision of beauty. Bucket list areas, UNESCO Heritage sites, tropical beaches and epic views leaves you wanting more.





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The best time to visit Vietnam is between April and October. If you are planning to travel throughout Vietnam, you will at some point encounter rain due to the length and varied typography of the country. 

You can find accommodation an any class in Vietnam. The options are endless in the bigger cities, whereas in the smaller towns/villages you might have to enjoy a lovely and charming homestay. 

The currency in Vietnam is called Vietnamese Dong (VND). 

Most payments are made with Vietnamese Dong, but US dollars can also be used for most hotels, restaurants, tours, and other services.

I would not recommend driving in Vietnam, as crossing the streets through tsunamies of scooters are nerve-wrecking enough. Many travelers prefers to hire a driver who knows the unpredictable rules of the road 🙂 

1. Ha Long Bay 
2. Hue City 
3. Hoi An
4. My Son Sanctuary
5. Phong Nha Cave

Tipping is not a must in Vietnam, but it is very much appreciated, and it makes up a fair amount of the income of Vietnamese working in tourism. 

Most restaurant charge a standard 10% service fee, so you won´t have to tip extra. If this isn´t included though, a 5-10% tip is very much appreciated. 

Vietnam was very inexpensive, and is a backpackers dream when it comes to cost and budgeting. 

We spent between USD 50 – 70 per person per day, which provided us with lovely 3 to 4-star hotels, great restaurants, activities and guided tours along with transport. 


We spent 10 days exploring Vietnam, which was barely enough. We would therefore recommend to plan at least 14 days 🙂