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A giant playground for both adventure lovers and history seekers, just waiting to be explored! 

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An interesting mix of incredible nature, breathtaking experiences, mass-tourism and tourist traps, friendly people, temples and history. We thoroughly enjoyed parts of Indonesia, and this is truly a destination for every traveler. Some of our worst and best travel experiences actually comes from this fascinating country!

Cultural Wonders

There are a number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites across Indonesia, and you could easily spend weeks visiting them all. Incredible rice terraces in Bali, gorgeous temples in Java and spectacular national parks are some of the things you should include in your itinerary. Indonesia does have something for everyone and the variety in activities are endless.  


The islands of Indonesia is a dream destination for every adventure lover out there. Mother Nature truly did her best here, and we had a blast exploring the diverse range of activities on offer. You can go trekking in the jungle, climb down waterfalls, swim with manta rays and much more. The adventure junkie in you will go absolutely wild, and in such way Indonesia will leave you with memories for a lifetime.  

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Indonesia have two main season: the wet and the dry season. 

The wet season: September – March

The dry season: March – September

Kindly note that Bali is extremely popular, and we therefore highly recommend traveling before or after high season such as April, May, June or September.

Whilst in Indonesia we strongly recommend you to include Malang, Gili Air and Ubud. We absolutely loved these places, and there are so much to see and do. 

You can read more about these destination and what to do in our travel guides above 🙂 

The currency in Indonesia is called Rupiah (IDR). 

1 USD equals 14.000 IDR, so food, drinks, activities etc is fairly cheap. 

It depends on your destination.

On Java Island there are a large majority of Muslims, and the pace of life changes during Ramadan. Restaurants are closed during day time, so it might be challenging finding a place to eat.

In Bali, Ramadan has very little impact on the daily life.


Absolutely. The infrastructure has greatly improved, and you will have no problems getting from A to B. 

You can travel by planes, buses, trains and boats. A lot of people also choose to rent scooters during their stay, but we would recommend skipping this due to safety. We saw so many tourist accidents while we where there. 

Tipping is not a must in Indonesia, and in some restaurants the waiter might run after you to return your change if you leave a tip. 

However, it is nothing wrong with showing your appreciation and we always tips our guides and drivers 🙂 

It depends on where you are staying in Indonesia, and what type of accommodation you are accustomed to. 

We experienced Java as cheaper than Bali for example. If you budget USD 50 per night you should be able to find a cosy 3-star hotel. 

TIP! We do not recommend staying near  synagogues in Java due to loud (but beautiful) prayers. In Bali you should book your accommodation in advance for the best prices. It fills up quickly .

If you are staying in Bali you can bring the same clothes you would for Italy or Greece. 

For those traveling other places in Indonesia, you would feel more comfortable in adequate clothing. If you wear inappropriate clothing you risk being constantly stared at, as well as come off disrespectful towards the locals. 

Whilst visiting temples, pagodas and other holy sites, you should always have appropriate clothing covering shoulders and knees.