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The best thing about Cambodia is the people. You will be warmly welcomed every step of the way. 


You can spend days, if not weeks exploring this beautiful country. Immerse yourself in beautiful culture, try local delicacies such as spiders or scorpions or imagine being Tomb Raider jumping from temple to temple. There are rivers and beaches, cities and villages, forest and land and the friendly locals are just waiting to give you a heartwarming welcome.


Temple jumping


Angkor Wat is one of those natural bucket list places that everyone should see at least once in their lifetime. It is the biggest Buddhist temple on the globe, and it took 30 years to build it. Climbing the stairs and sliding through the archways, you will get glimpses of a time long forgotten. And with a mix between stone-structured architecture and Cambodian jungle, leaves visitors completely mesmerized.

Heart-rending History

If you are curious to learn more about Cambodias history during your stay there are plenty of museum to visit. Upon seizing the power in 1975, the Khmer Rouge began a murderous and bloody regime that lasted for 4 years. Over 2 million people died during these years, and they was either killed, starved or striked down with disease. Pol Put´s brutal regime attempted to turn Cambodia in to a classless, agrarian society.

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You can travel to Cambodia all year, but the best season is between November and April. There is very little rain during these months, but kindly note that the weather is hot hot hot. 

Not required, but recommended. We did not have a local tour guide with us as we enjoy the freedom of exploring on our own, but looking back our experience would probably have been enriched by having a guide visiting the temples etc.

A local guide can offer you detailed information about the history of each site, and would make the experience more interesting. You can book English-speaking guides through your hotel, travel agencies, guesthouses or at the entrance of each temple. 

It depends on your style of travel and what you are used to. If you are an mid-range traveler like us, you should plan to spend about USD 50 – 70 per day per person. 

This does not include services such as private drives, guides etc.

The official currency is RIEL, but USD are widely accepted too. ATMs can be found in all major cities.

Cambodia is one of the hottest and most humid places we have visited. For us it was all about finding shadow during our visit haha. 

Geographically, Cambodia stays in tropical monsoon, which is dry between October – May, and wet between June – October.

The average temperature is from 34-37C, but sometimes reaches 40C during dry season. 

Sunscreen (a must!), insect repellent, a hat to keep the sun off your beautiful face, good shoes such as sneakers or sandals,  and a lot of water. 

Some holy places also requires you to cover up your shoulders and knees, so you should also bring your own sarong. 


That solely depends on which standard you prefer. 

*Hostel: From USD 5-10 per night

*Guesthouse: from USD 10-15 per night

*2-star Hotel: From USD 15-25 per night

*3-star Hotel: From USD 30 – 50 per night

*4-star Hotel: From USD 55 – 125 per night

*5-star Hotel: From USD 130 per night

A visit to Cambodia without Angkor Wat is no visit at all. And you should also include a visit to one of the floating Villages outside Siem Reap.