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The Fiesta Planner is a travel blog dedicated to travelers and explorers. It’s for those seeking real and authentic experiences around the world. And above all, it´s for those in search of hidden gems, local foods and places off the beaten path.

From our passion for traveling, photography and writing, we founded The Fiesta Planner in 2018. We capture travel photography for Instagram, create videography for YouTube, and write travel blogs for our blog and Facebook Page.

We promise to share all our unfiltered adventures with you. And we certainly hope to inspire you and awaken your wanderlust along the way.

About Rikke

Passions | Writing, traveling, hotels and food

Favorite destination | Vietnam

Favorite city | Hoi An

Best travel experience | Zip-lining through Vang Vieng, Laos

Worst travel experience | Food poisoning in India

Favorite food | Asian street food

About Thomas

Passions | Videography, sports, scuba diving and food

Favorite destination | Vietnam and Northern Norway

Favorite city | Vancouver

Best travel experience | Road tripping through Lofoten

Worst travel experience | Tourist traps in Bali

Favorite food | Bun´s

It all started back in 2018, when we decided to share our love for travel and adventure with the world. We began our journey in Vietnam with our iPhones and backpacks and our curious minds. The people we met were amazing, and the places we discovered was epic.

Since then, we have explored so many places together. We ventured into the ancient jungles of Cambodia, hiked majestic peaks in Northern Norway, spent the night under the stars in the Indian desert and watched the sun rise over the temples of Indonesia.

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